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Painful Love!

a poem by Renu

You came into my life like a gentle breeze,
Overtaking my thoughts and imaginations!
An inert life you put to start…
Drown in the deep waters of love,
I gave you my all-My heart, body and soul.
What more could you expect of me?
Is there something that I have not given?
For you own me and I have nothing left for myself!

You took me to the peak of the mountain of love,
Dropped me down while saying “goodbye my love”
Crippled I lay beneath the sky,
Helpless and wounded, there is no cure
For the rest of my life!

I know not why, your reason to leave,
But this phase of life,
Has brought me immense grief.
This pain and sorrow…
Of having lost you forever,
I will lament in my heart,
Till I breathe again never!!!