Poems by
Reni Thekkevilakathu

The Fetus’ Soliloquy

a poem by Reni Thekkevilakathu

Not yet born to this world
Though its presence a reality,
The fetus rolled and kicked
As if to attract its feminine creator.

Convinced of its conscious solitude,
The fetus let out its thoughts aloud:
Come I have from the other world
After a span not so small,
I still relish the thoughts of this world
when I last bid goodbye.

Nature then meant greenery
with lovely woods and ravishing streams.
The breeze with an aroma filled
of those beauteous flowers.
Delightful birds ruling the air,
and vivid animals, the land.

But alas! See this evolved world

Even in my shelter, this womb
I get an aura of the air so polluted.
Even in my nourishment I taste their awful presence,
The real killers – the pollutants.

I haven’t become a reality yet,
My birth now a matter of time.
I really am in a dilemma-
To live in this polluted world, or
To fade away into the nether world.