Poems by
Ramya Rajagopalan


a poem by Ramya Rajagopalan

I’m a Butterfly who’s Emerging
I’m struggling, exhausted and trying
To break free
From my recent home- now a Prison.
I’m trying to leave
What I’d spun around myself-
Trying to escape
Into Adulthood.
It’s hard, and not easy
To shed
What’s been cleaving onto me,
Leaving the protective world
Which suddenly seems
Nothing but a fantasy.
When Reality struck my shell hard,
Cracking it,
I had to come out into the open-
Of which I see sweet glimpses already;
I know there is no going back;
For I can see
Parts of me
Shed irrevocably.
But no butterfly
Which does not take this hard-path
So is this struggle
Tempering me,
Preparing me to face the harsh world
P’raps, the thought
Which urges me on is this-
With all my legs, as a dull caterpillar
I just chewed leaves
And crawled over the trees;
But now, with vibrant wings
I could taste Nectar
And conquer the skies.
Of nothing afraid
With my Maker by my side
And hope, at Flight’s End
That He would send
For me-
To be with Him, All Eternity.