Poems by
Ramsamy Subramani

The Moment

a poem by Ramsamy Subramani

To stand still where the heaven meets the earth
To glide nimbly into a bird’s body and take wing
Leaving my petty fears and doubts firmly on the ground
For my soul to soar up to the highest mountain
And to float weightlessly in the thin air of abundance.

A place beyond joy, beyond sorrow, beyond emotion
No chains hold me back here, no string draws me forward.
There are no ends to attain, only fresh beginnings
My mind rests in calm repose, all noise far away.
There is no seeking, no striving, only being.

Not high up in the heavens, not deep down in the sea
Not in some faraway island, not even deep in the woods.
Such a place exists in the here and now of my life
Every moment is freedom, every moment a culmination
With nothing to add to, nothing to take away from.

The pendulum sways to a random tune, from joy to sorrow
And then it stops, though only for a fleeting moment,
My mind stands hushed and what is left is the moment itself,
And in the entirety of its silence lies all the freedom and beauty
That I cannot find in sweeping all the heavens.