Poems by
Ramakrishnan Ramasamy

Climax and Anticlimax

a poem by Ramakrishnan Ramasamy

My love is like Sun
When inflamed, her billion watt heat
Scorches, burns and devastates;
But when far away, her sweet thoughts
Keep me warm
And nurture me
And lift my moods
Like Sun
In a freezing weather

My love is like Moon
Her eyes shed a cool warmth,
The warmth of broken pieces of moonlight,
Broken by a few gaps
In a thick clustered jungle;
Spots do not jar comparison
My love’s face too has spotless spots;
She is Moon
To reach her core
The amount of efforts, energy, money
That I had spent
When she accepted my love,
My heart burst out,
More arduous and ardent
Than Neil Armstrong
At the historic landing;
Her moods, a flicker of quicksilver,
Beckoned and shunned me
All at once,
Oh! How near, yet how far!!

She is like Rain,
In an unfailing winter,
Pours to unblanket a mood of sullenness,
Amazing outbursts from the dark clouds,
Her eyes;
The suddenness of tears in such force
Would render me fully drenched,
And shocked;
But then wouldn’t summer shower
Be equally sudden
And paralyzing;

When she asserts her will
She is steadier than a rock;
When she resists me,
In a depressed mood,
Not even heavy winds,
Which can skirt around a mountain,
Can hope to breach her;


My friend reading my thoughts
His eyes sparkled
With a heavy-browed contempt;
“What a reverie that lust can churn
In a fool’s heart,
Sting him with a poison of stupor;
Thoughts full of amour,
Behind an eternal vacant look;
And make him dar
One to one
A perishable commodity
The Imperishable.”