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What an ace!

a poem by Ramakrishnan

Life moves at a pace,
In a haze
For some may daze, while others race
There are not many ways, but to fall in place
In the path of existing arrays
For few it is a craze
But not many succeed always
Still life moves at a pace
And for some in haze
One day you go for a blaze
Some other day you may be hard to trace
Yet each one has his own ways to keep up the pace
A lot fall out of place, some escape with a graze
Only a few can keep up the pace
Yet life ticks and tricks always
A sudden fall from grace can throw you in a maze
With no heart to show your face
You may feel erased
Yet life moves at a pace that leaves you in daze
For, once the things that fell in place
May be the very cause of you to go out of place
With race for place
At a pace that sets everyone ablaze
Leaves many in daze and haze
Due to craze or grace,
Life in its own pace
Moves always
Until those last few days
When your breath falls short of pace
Then this crazy world throws you out of place
With only a few garlands on you to embrace
That’s the time when you pray,what an ace?
What an ace,
From the one who makes us puppets and plays
Well really what an ace!
The fastest in this world of pace.