Poems by
Ramachandran C

The Relic

a poem by Ramachandran C

When he lived, no one loved him,
none approved him.
He was not a common stuff;
but, designed of precious silk.

He made an orb for him
And cut his links from the fraud,
As the sea separates the land,
The sky distances the earth,
The justice; injustice
And tried to be placid.

There was a fencing around him
With insight, competence, and accolade,
He believed ‘good’ will be good for all
Didn’t know only to some.

He couldn’t perceive,
The superlative enemy of man is Man.
He believed in concord:
The mass bestow’d him discord,
He tried to love every one
But, got abandoned soon.

Those who went near
Found him quite virtuous!
(the most omitted for their luxury!)

They made an augury
“He is not fit for the globe!”
They smashed him!
the next day assembled near his mausoleum
Fought for a relic
To exhibit their intimacy with te just.
They composed anecdotes of his miracles
Which he was want of any!

They made him God, or His Son
Who lived for other’s welfare,
They made his name an adage;
A definition of honesty,
For which he lived and died.