Poems by
Rajah Iyer S


a poem by Rajah Iyer S

A blind man asked me
“Sir, can you describe this Sachin to me, Sir”
On a Triplicane Lane
When I replied, Sach, I don’t understand?

A Rikshawallah nearby overheard
“You IDIOT, don’t know Sachin”
Holding my collar
Collapsed I on the feet of the Blind?

Later I asked my doctor in attendance
“Doc who is this Sachin?
I was thrashed so hard by this Rikshawallah,
In a remote Triplicane Lane”

“Hi Throw this nut out of this Bed”
Said the doc, asking his nurse
“Never give him any medicine
Put him on Carbon Monoxide, Coma Style!”

My wife to whom I turned
“Even Amma knows who Sachin is,
What happened to you”
Refused me meals for a day or two!

If you tell the Truth
Such is Sachin
Today I know
Truth can Only be One!