Poems by
Rahul Thakkar

Tree and Her Story

a poem by Rahul Thakkar

A winter’s eve is nobody’s envy
A barren tree blocks nobody’s view
Secluded and dry in a corner she stood
Lonely as ever.

Snow gently caressed her skin as he fell
Made her branches, but a trifle, quiver
Her single self – not her only beauty
Lo and behold – her simplicity, her warmth.

“Firm are arms upon whom I lie
I am snow, but for a night, another day
On her slender branches, a little longer to be
I will melt and become Ice.”

Entombed within her lover – t’was bliss
Like within shining amber – yes, bliss
Alas but the night was not to remain
Jealous sun took his toll, water he became.

Slowly, painfully in streams he flow’d
To merge into memories – like the green, the dew
As the last droplet kissed adieu to her fingertips
For the tree he became a tear.