Where do I go from here?

a poem by Rahul Nachhiketa

Oh! Where do I go from here?
Often I ken, at the onset of night,
I live in the nest of some thoughts
Stolen from someone’s tipsy eyes.

The sinister night and forlorn life,
Be there with me O Pluck! Tonight,
Somewhere lotus lips have quivered,
And lost is the peace of my mind.

Oh! How lonely I am, where you have been?
I was looking for you in this nature green!
Don’t you know I have been waiting long since?
I am in love, of course I think!

The pen wishes no more, nor does the heart
Its just your obsessive thoughts, I can’t put you across.
Beyond the last drop of blood inside,
I’d love you still, O my mystic eyed!

Now where do I go from here?
I have no home to go,
So I just fly down to your lips tonight,
Twinkling forever in your mesmerizing eyes!