Poems by
Rahul Rakshit

Holding on

a poem by Rahul Rakshit

In the midst of my desires to thrive,
I have carried myself a long long way from you.
My power of reasoning had burnt out like the candle,
To take myself so away from you.
Thoughts of friendship, love and care bind me and my soul
My heart feels the pain, that has seeped into the fissures of my soul.
I know I have come far,
But my hands still wants to grasp on to the memories which I have created.
There is a void which needs to be fulfilled
The crater within my heart keeps growing everyday
Who knows when it shall erupt.
The sands, the beach, the lush green meadows beckon me.
They tell me to bring you along.
But for my unfortunate self- the stars never shine,
And I tell them, this time I’ll be alone
And alone shall I remain till the day I have you beside my side,
Till the day, I feel your hands within mine,
And till the day I close my eye.