Poems by
Rahul K E

Heartache of Culture

a poem by Rahul K E

Higher and higher the mansions, lower and lower the minds
Better and better our comforts, poorer and poorer our happiness
Sweeter and sweeter by words, bitter and bitter by deeds
Louder and louder in laughters, emptier and emptier in souls

We have advanced a lot and improved a little,
We definitely gained much; but lost infinitely

How this happened to this world, who thinks so?
Behind the mad rush for wealth,who cares for what?

Loads of acquaintance but lacking of friends,
Love for looks and like for materials
Huge the sum of relatives but relations for purpose,
Heads to think benefits and hearts for sale

I’m perplexed and ask you what to label these phenomenons?
I believe we have to change,if you think so we will join
For a new society where morality merges with prosperity
What will you call this? Think and act, It is now or never