Poems by
Rahul Dass

Money, Love and Life

a poem by Rahul Dass

Think hard
and you will find
Money is ahead
and you behind

Earning money these days
is like a wild race
Money after all
is like a card ace

The world goes
around money
and they call it simply
global economy

Money thankfully knows
no caste, no creed
it is from these
human shacks freed

However, there is truth
in the argument
to run steadily in life
you must money augment

Love responds to love
and not to money
and the heart which responds to money
it is time to drop it honey

For a child unlike adults
money is not my
the child doesn’t see
money through the jaundiced eye

I just hope
there is money for all
so that people don’t rue
and their dreams come true

If I were a magician
I would say
Abracadabra might and power
Banish money to the farthest tower

But wishes take time
so you must wait
Let’s pray together
for our monetary fate

The prayer is for a wonderland
where people live
without pain or money
in complete peace and total harmony.