Poems by
Rahul Dass

My Mother (Ma)

a poem by Rahul Dass

It is mother’s day
A day for rejoicing
A day as sweet as
Cake with icing

Times change
So do people
But my ma is the same
I hope I am not making a tall claim

Mother’s day to remember ma
You may but me nah!
She is special but one
She is special to none.

Small incidents
Make a collective whole
With ma and her thoughts
She is a sensitive soul

Thoughts of her
Brings joy to me
Ringed only with slight remorse
For the differences I forced

I have taken ma for granted
Sometimes I have raved, sometimes ranted
Ask someone who has no ma
Then you will say to my “ma” – arre wah!
Ma, these are only mere words
Failing to quantify expression
Let me say simply And I pray
Everyday is my mothers day.