Poems by
Rafel Michael


a poem by Rafel Michael

Don’t desert me all alone in this deserted land
I ride my hopes which resonant to a camel ride in search of you
Don’t you see the rays of the sun hidden in the sandstorm?
How my dreams blossomed like a flower in this deserted land?

My wildest of wild dreams ignited like wildfire
And spread beyond the limit of this deserted land without bound and barriers
Though my dreams had fallen apart like debris in that heat
I never felt lurking back although I’m in a broken heart

Those beautiful days had faded and gone for ever
But the vivacious moments had an imprint in my heart
Though all my dreams of attaining you remained
I conquered you in a spectrum of my inner conscious

Like the ship in the desert (camel) my hopes took me all along
As a messenger to my beloved in this deserted land
The rays of hopes left out in this land of sands
Even though I make a humpy bumpy ride on my portrayed camel

It trekked the sand mountains at ease
In search of a greener pasture to quench his thirst
And I am the beholder of your love peeped the love valley in passionately
Notwithstanding many harrowing mountains remained to be trekked

My calls echoed in the air and reverberated
No one listens to me except the rough weather in the deserted land
A wave of gale combed the land and a virulent dust loitered in my eyes
I rubbed my swollen eyes with moisture of tears in search of you

The blazing sun, the floating moon and dispersed stars in the sky here and there
All of them witnessed my agony in obsession and those shining eyes
It was like a natures’ tribute for my voyage in this deserted land
I never looked back on my journey even at once

The ascending moon descends in the cloudy stained sky
My dreams rejuvenated at the behest of full bloomed sky
All I can sing a song for you in this deserted land
To make a dreamland paradise for us in the deserted land