Love is forever

a poem by Ramesh T A

Longings for love keep love spirit alive forever in the world
And the flame of love burns bright in the hearts of lovers here!
Valentine’s Day may come and go with pageant every year;
But love of man and woman goes on in the world for ever.

The out going concern, love is the all powerful God here;
Love is the powerful force acts against fear, anger or avarice
And is always for beauty, truth, joy and peace to satisfy in life
As this beautiful Earth is the centre of love in the whole Universe!

Beach, park, restaurant, cinema, farm resort and hill stations
Are where lovers meet, exchange love and enjoy love in life;
Fun, pageant and kissing sessions mark only the Valentine’s Day;
But only Taj Mahal, a mark of love is world’s wonder to remember!

Love is blind in A Midsummer Night’s Dream of poet Shakespeare;
But love is divine with his immortal Romeo And Juliet in our sphere!
Indeed blind love between married Helen and bachelor Paris led to war
But true love of Penelope united with her Ulysses after a 20 year wait!

Indeed woman of true love with great faith unites with man of love
To achieve their goal despite difficulties, desolation and desperations!
The all powerful love is forever ruling the hearts of men and women
To establish that love is truth, knowledge, power and God in the world.

For many, the feeling of love is rare in the material world of no human value;
Literary talent to say true love story is rarer in the scientific world of no art;
Also, expression of love is rarest in the economic world of no social sense;
So, Valentine’s Day alone hints at men of love to live real life only by love.