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What is love?

a poem by Pravin

I see her in floral white demure,
Glancing across the crowded aisles.
Fairy in white and modesty in pink
As we exchange vows and kisses.
The tin clang sounds are stilled
By the incurious motorway crickets
And our impassioned breaths.

I see her poised in apron prim
Humming lilting tunes interspersed
With ladles of custard pudding.
As I share the travails of commerce,
She teases my lips with taste and sight.
Our laughter echoes on the feeble porch
Hands coiled we rest in the vernal breeze.

I see her anxious in weathered gown
Waddling after pamper-foots
Amidst shrieks and salbutamol.
Naughty Nikki and bronchitic Granny!
She catches my smirk and disarms
My caution with wrinkled smiles
And meliorate matured intimacy.

I see her restful in her rocking seat
Savoring my gaze as we lounge
Near the crackling insulating fire.
My wistful presence is in every wall
Window, fitting, curtain and fall.
As we look unto each other
She accosts me again, ‘what is love?’

‘You Inamorata. And infinity’,
I answer finally from the ether.