a poem by Feroze Varun Gandhi

Don’t you remember we met in the serenity of your lips
Why do you wait for experiences
That will come and go
In the hope that some will stay
Why do we doubt our helplessness
That some days we exist and some days we do not

Don’t you remember we met in the hunger of your breath
Where I had no choice as I carried out my disaster
I’m bound to you
By the power that comes with being solitary
Do you tire of my heart
As its flames devour my reason
Leaving me a stranger to myself
Haunted and blind
Why don’t you accept my condemnation
So that I may wake
From the exhausted ruins of my memory
Don’t you remember we met in the mercy of your touch
I have search for you so long,
In my madness,
Will you not show me the meaning of longing:
The memory of love