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The Railway Station

a poem by Prats

One night at a railway station
I was sitting into the air.
The world was silent and quiet
Except for the few shimmering cries.
As if it were a graveyard
Full of trembling deaths.
Then suddenly time began changin’
The mob began to pour.
As the train pulled in over
The place turned into a hell.
Everybody busy from their hands to toes.
The vessel made a shrill noise,
And started moving over.
Then suddenly all noise started closing,
And the silence outstretched.
I found myself on the railway station,
Gazing at the bare railway tracks.
Who went together like the best friends,
But in reality never met.
All it was a station
Which was a world in itself.
Lots of peoples to come by you,
But not a single one to be met.