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Valentines Day

a poem by Pratibha

Falling in love is a dream come true,
Those which stand long are really very few.
Love these days is simply gaseous,
Where are those days when it was precious!

Valentines spirit is high in the air,
Its time for young boys and girls to stare.
All the streets are filled with joy and gay,
You can hardly find a single soul in dismay.

Its great time for young and old lovers,
To give and receive gifts and flowers.
The river of love shall forever flow,
And the names of lovers eternally glow.

True lovers are the real stars,
May they be on Earth or in Mars.
I pray true lovers in life may shine,
‘Cause love is surely meant to be divine.

Talking of love makes me dream,
It is not as easy as it may seem.
In this season of love, I have a wish,
In the name of my love, a heartbeat to miss.