Poems by
Prasanna Ramesh


a poem by Prasanna Ramesh

“Hell has no fury as would,
an innocent woman unjustly wronged,
time and again this simple truth,
has by tales been made profound!

One great war betwixt big powers,
was but triggered by a lady’s wrath,
a Damsel, Respectful, Accommodative, Understanding,
Passionate, Amicable, Divinely Intelligent,
her fury seemed less at having been pawned,
than at Justice, having been wronged!
The warriors at helm, the acclaimed heroes of earth
all but could do nothing, their heads hung in shame.

Known for her love And for her candour,
Never failing affection, Notwithstanding what came over
All forgiving angel, Gracious Incarnation of wonder
it was but her anger, that burnt the land of splendour
Not just because her spouse lay slain,
without a hearing proper, was put to blame;
But Justice had been put to shame,
the virtue of the land, till date remains stained!

Many like me, today wish, could do the same
drag the horrendous society by its mane,
for all the atrocities it does play,
on countless innocents might and day!

The air is ringing with wails of those newborns
whose necks are being wrung day in and day out;
The pathetic shrills of the many little growns,
oh the world does abuse them so!
Them, the lesser read seem to fare better,
than those too literate, who maximum suffer,
Bureaucracy and chauvinism where reign supreme,
does Justice even exist, one really wonders!

Yet like at all times there is hope,
that Justice will fail the righteous never,
sure when it strikes, the blow shall be severe;
Beware ye men, its time to behave better!