Poems by
Prasad S N

The tale of Woe

a poem by Prasad S N

I nurtured a garden,
when I was a little lad,
me and my girlie friend
sowing souls and love in blend,
emitting lustre all around.

We sat on lawns, buds shoring,
swaying creepers waist.
New blooming in full vanity,
time and again buzzing bees.

Birds tosses dawn to sky.
Chirping melody sprawls
on dusky branches,
sing showers on craving trees.

I unleashed my grief
in choking despair.
Staggering on a tree,
searching in vein for my beloved.
Where can I see her face!
Among the blooming flowers
all around, infatuating
whirly eyes, singing cuckoo tunes.

Oh! The same flowery field
locked us close, how pulled apart
creepers in her magic touch,
now bestowed with smiling buds,
peeping in, can I see her rosy cheeks.

Weary gone I, searching
for her name, while windy
fingers circling dusty impressions.

Have you come hearing
my tale of woe
did you see my beloved girlie,
with me playing hide and seek merrily