Poems by
Prantika Ghosh

Memories of that Night

a poem by Prantika Ghosh

The night outside as heavy as ever,
It impregnated my heart slowly,
Like the glabrous cobra it was,
Gliding, entwining around me slowly.

It cradled me back to my memories,
Those joyous days of my marital bliss,
Fresh like the first spring leaf in my mind,
I’m lost in those memories I so much miss

The obstreperous sea flowing vantre-a-terre,
It stopped to look at me pityly,
Even the fleeting clouds halt to stare,
They blacken and pity at the hapless ‘me’.

The pervading darkness was setting on my mind,
I was the chasing the light before my eyes,
The light of beauty had gone out of my life,
She left me since that day of strife
My heart was trapped in her tresses,
Her glacial heart was unperturbed,
She had perused my life with radiance,
Crept the monster of mistrust, love was curbed.

It stripped our prolated love and on such a night,
She went and never looked back again,
Left me and my memories behind,
My love had left me desolate and wane.

An opsimath I am, and I have learnt,
That love survives on trust alone,
O bejewelled sky, O virgin moon,
Bring me my love, alas she has gone.