Poems by
Praneeth Vepakomma SPC

Let’s bring back the sheen

a poem by Praneeth Vepakomma SPC

“I’ve escaped the dirty end of life
Had I been destined to doom, I wouldn’t be breathing right now.
There’s someone out there who’s saved me, a godfather.
Three cheers for him, Three…”

The next moment, the ant lay stomped to death
Who else could have played with this minuscule creature
Who else could have stomped it for fun,
Breaking its legs, crushing it to death,
Staring with starry eyes enjoying the nastiest of deeds.
Who could this be?

It is he, who’s been bestowed with the brains of a master
With the dexterity of a wizard
For he is undoubtedly a creature par excellence
With a capability to fill this peace deprived world with luminescence.
What a hunky-dory! power-packed with an inner-punch
Powerful enough to plunge his soul to glory!

Alas! it’s a matter of extreme pity
That for a small list of humanly inhuman priorities
He has taken into his credit a spectacularly wide range of causalities
Ranging from the minuscule ants to unfathomable elephants
From the slender deer to the mighty snake,
From the innocent rabbit to the lovely panda,
All of them sadly taken away by his sway
Mainly powered by untamed desire and
The worst of all by exploding insanity has put his compatriots
Into his list of causalities.

May the minds of we humans capable enough to ring
With a flight of thoughts myriad in number and multi-directional in nature
Learn to clad itself with a prosperous coat of green
And bestow a tranquility over its immoral side
Providing a congenial atmosphere to these voiceless creatures to eat, sing and doze
And give back our Mother Earth its long lost sheen.