Poems by
Prachi Garg

New Year Mid-night

a poem by Prachi Garg

Unable to know myself,
I explain to others what I understand-
That feeling and this feeling:
Of partiality and love,
Of a suddenly grown kindness;
Then that undeterred soul.
Passions and love stories flow,
The ‘mind’, mind you not the ‘heart’ feels like a river
A river which joy and sorrow cannot describe:
They are petty words.
Their abstractness is little.
Only one word which can describe the true abstractness
Of body, mind and soul is
‘The feeling’:
It feels like a sting, an electric current
Or a suddenly unscrewed spring;
May I, for example, describe
The Patriotism in the fervor of my heart?,
Which makes me shiver, some nerve tickles,
And the hair on my body stand.
What is this GOD?
Your mystery deepens to depths when everyday of my growth
Puts a step forward.
Now I understand, now I know,
When I was born,
When I came to this planet Earth,
You, yes, you told me everything;
My nine months in the womb,
The pain and agony, let me not forget-
But as soon as I came to this world,
As if the poison in me,
Started to colour me with itself.
Slowly in this material world
I forgot myself, I forgot you,
And like everybody,
Simply remembered there was some God.
Some even forget that.
Those who still remember you,
Are nearer to Thee, they grow mad.
The world calls them so.
Because we cannot be two in one,
Both a ‘devil’ and an ‘angel’
We have to choose one.
Unable, we cling to both,
And in the process
Are reduced to a mere mortal.
A human being who has all the abstractness of the world.
Just because, he had something he thought
Was over developed,
His mind, mind you not the heart:
Which had all the emotions-
The abstract ‘feeling’.