Poems by
Prabhu A.V.C.S.

Radiant Rider

a poem by Prabhu A.V.C.S.

In the turbulent waters
Where the tides rise high to the sky,
Often tilting my yacht to tumble.
My canvas untouched, untied to get loose from the mast,
Where I painted only the red and black.

A billion thoughts in my mind and a deep roar in my ears.
My eyes are still feeling the thrill.
A sudden gush of cool and the subtlety vanished.
My vision blurred and tears strolled diluting my colour,


My serene radiant journey goes on…
Where my canvas welcomes with its flutterings,
There I see the clouds with full of green
In the midst of an ocean,
Floating like a swan and swimming like a turtle…
Stretching its tiny hands for a beautiful cuddle.
My frolicking fluffy heart to roll in the mud puddle,
For a wonderful hug and an emotional embrace…
My future… my ambition… my dream…
My search… welcome dear shower the flowers of joy.