I don’t know why?

a poem by Himani Arora

I don’t know why… the simplest of all phrases to rescue from any kind of situation
Is that really so, that “I don’t know” or is it that I never wanted to know
Everyday, life throws me on a different bay
With strange situations and with mystical omens
Which sometimes enlightened my heart
But I don’t know why I dragged myself towards the valley of pain

With my lonely heart, I have traveled far in life… I don’t know why?
I had dreamt thousands dreams… I don’t know why?
I have lived thousands of lives…I don’t know why?
I have waited long for my special someone… I don’t know why?
Really I don’t know why??

Deep inside my heart, a hope survives
A ray of hope… which says that I would be a better person with the rising sun
A ray of hope… which promises to find my special someone
But this hope… never became a rope
To fulfill my dreams
To climb up the hill and see the new horizon of life
I don’t know why?
May be the clouds of fear always shelled my heart or
May be I never had the courage to blow those clouds
Away from my heart… away from my life… forever
I really don’t know why?

I don’t know why I don’t want to stop for a while and solve this clutter
I don’t know why I don’t want to realize my dreams and
Outshine one day on this Earth… and on that very day… those clouds will part away
And that Almighty in the sky will shower His blessings upon me by my Awaited Rose

I don’t know why…
I still want to dream high
I still want to cry
I still want to fly
I still want to start over ‘n’ again… to take a step ahead and never look back…

I Don’t know why?