Poems by
Poonam Ganglani

The Giraffe and the Zebra

a poem by Poonam Ganglani

Here’s a poem I wrote recently,
inspired by a poem called
“The Frog and the Nightingale”
by Vikram Seth

There once was a giraffe who hated
the way that he had been created.
With his neck so long, his head up high,
“I’m so ugly,” he cried. “Oh My!”.
He went to his friend the zebra and said,
“Oh my dear friend, I wish I were dead.
With my skinny legs, covered with hair,
and my head dangling high up in the air,
I cannot even think,
of bending down to take a drink,
from the river, or the goats might laugh,
at me, the tall and lanky giraffe!
I think I am the ugliest bag of bones,
that this world has ever known,
And I am totally filled with rue
Oh! How I wish I were as beautiful as you.”

The zebra thought for a while and replied
“You have lots of things in which you can take pride.
You run with such splendour and grace
With your remarkable speed, no one can keep pace.
With your coat of hair, you are always protected,
from any harm to which to which you might be subjected.
With your head so high up in the air
You can spot danger anywhere!
And don’t you know that the goats too,
are very very envious of you?
You are foolish to think that you look grotesque
because out of all creatures, I think you look the best!”

The giraffe turned bright red,
smiled happily and said,
“Oh dear zebra, what would I do,
without such a good friend like you?
Whenever I am feeling down,
you know how to wipe away my frown.
Thank you for now making me see
how ungrateful we giraffes can be!
I appreciate you telling me that I look the best
But when it comes to being a friend, you’re better than the rest!”