Poems by
Piyush Kr. Singh

Query Within

a poem by Piyush Kr. Singh

Deep in my heart
lies a query
I sit and wonder,
I wonder that who am I and what
I am doing in this world of ‘sunder’

O Lord! Our Father!
Brother is killing brother
People being the most communal with in
Spreading message of secularism.

O Lord! You are the only one
Your children are suffering
They want peace to be done
But not from the temporal powers of king.

I don’t want my name in ‘YOUR’ good book
Neither I want to be the richest one
I just want to make everyone happy
And one who is for everyone.

My query remains unanswered
And the people are still unalarmed
There is no chance for peace on earth
And we are waiting for ‘spiritual rebirth.’