Poems by
Pavan Kumar

The Toss

a poem by Pavan Kumar

The game begins with the toss
But the real sport starts after the toss
Toss gives the chance to take steps
To succeed with planning

If defeat comes
Do not blame the toss
Because toss was just the beginning

Winning the toss is not winning a game.
Toss is not luck, not fate.
Toss is just an excuse for a beginning.

Toss works on devotion.
Toss works on design.
Toss works on discipline.

From the beginning till the end much sweat the body leaves.
From the beginning till the end much experience the players leave
From the beginning till the end many dreams come true.
And every game leaves some history behind him,
Some readable and some unreadable.

What is this life if not a toss?
With many ways ahead…
Childbirth is just a toss which the soul wins
To play the game of life.

In this mortal world the soul plays,
Plays with mankind and plays with nature,
Plays for immortality and plays for name,
Plays for glory and plays for freedom.
The game continues for many years
And the trophy comes at the end,at the mortal end.