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Reveries of Paul

a poem by Paul

Narrow roads, lean trees
Green leaves and fresh fields
Holding dews on thier face
Glittering in the morning sun

Everyone cares and their loving heart
In this mount of paradise
This is where I lived a long
All my life and this is my world

Shallow brook is down in steep
Little frogs jumping by
Marshy land with ferns and flowers
Guard the brook in wilderness

Hear the sound of chirping birds
And the call of mother cow
Far away we can hear
The chopping sound of cutting woods

Out here I do live for bread
Far away in this madding crowd
Noise and dirt and greedy minds
Push and pull me to insanity

Up in hill clouds cuddle trees
Colorful bows in rainy days
It’s so cold; it’s little misty-and
I was happy; in that world

Fast people, fast foods, fast-all
This is what the city gave
Time and people and things do change; still
Its bit tough for me to cope

Now I’m here in this electric world
Rush hours and stress and fears
Still I squeeze a little time
To cherish about my early years