Poems by
Patrick Healey

They Say

a poem by Patrick Healey

Do you want more,
I hear myself say.
Then ask me if I’m content,
I wish I could say.
But I’m confused,
I need direction.
I look to man,
But all I find is deception.
They say I’m ok,
They say I’m fine,
But all the while I’m losing my mind.
I need help,
I need love,
I need the kind that’s sent from above.

I see the cross,
I hear Him say.
Come to me,
I’ll save you this day.
I ask Him how,
He says don’t delay.
Just believe in Me,
And you’ll be with Me today.

I’m now content,
I’ve found the light.
It’s up in heaven,
Close in sight.
They say I’m crazy,
That I need help.
But they don’t know,
They’re going to hell.