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Doing Duty

a poem by Christuraj Alex

Arjuna, a grand warrior, well habited to
Fight against nastiest of warrior crew
Finds himself faced with kith and kin
To fight a war, hence, he fears within
Dilemma-filled he calls out to God
God hears him and hurries to his aid
Erasing the doubts shrouding him
He bids him his duties to perform
Duty of a warrior is fighting, he says
Not ever thinking of victory or loss
Pleasure or pain or victory or defeat
Reckon on actions with no deceit
Fighting against inner inclinations
Demeanors, evil desires, illusions
Losing all that’s imperfection within
Combating to gain the life’s soul win
Knowledge combined with love is ideal
Action and no inaction – must be real
Doing duties with no fruit expectance
Must be the pursuit of human existence