Poems by
Partha Pratim Majumder

In the Sands of Time…

a poem by Partha Pratim Majumder

The cascading fountain of your emotion
Your magical steps of love solemnly reach to spoil me
In the passion pyre-
Golden moments with you in utmost seduction
Seconds… minutes… hours…
For a resonant celebration…

Out of wind of worries and pain
The mystic lake that emerges…
In the daily race, a green fresh space
You touch my mind – my base
Down the memory lane.

At last, I find you as culminated agony
As I am a tired swan of sorrow and miss
A floating garden in fantasy
Of a distant dream, or amidst a dry oasis

The sand grows hot
Time bears decay and rot
Your life may not be fixed up in my life slot.

So, sand of time and you
The synonym is Adieu!!!