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a poem by Nusrat

The rippling water told me,
The sky had dressed itself,
In crimson red-
My eyes stayed fixed still
For what bounced over on tiny waves
Rebelliously disturbed the even outline
I chose the undulating form

The air nudged me to move on
My feet lay fixed
I knew the leaves were swaying
The sweet smell of morning…
Still I complained
It had taken the tranquil night
From a star gazer

Each time a bead of sweat
Ruined my patience
Each time a sound
Disturbed my devotion
I got more rooted
The ground beneath me more fixed

It came with regal loyalty
For I knew it would
The stillness of the night
A quiet cacophony
The stars danced
An orchestra fell and rose
I looked up in a tranquil delight

When the day slept
I was the master
For lone I ruled
Alone I could explore
Solitude was a delight
I was unseen
The forbidden outlaw
I could merge and never be found