Poems by
Nithya Chandar

Girl Child

a poem by Nithya Chandar

Compulsory imprisonment in the gaol called womb,
Undeserving definitely,
Yet no voice in uproar.

The day of release announced,
Creation of Tiny Mother known;
When arrival assured, milk from creepers ooze out!

Merely a-day-old Mother,
Her tears run in parallel streams
Her lullaby termed ambiguous.

And finally the day of doom postponed
For the arrival of Unholy Monk.

Oh Monday, How unfortunate!
He clutches her pale tiny fingers,
She’s dazed; Her long lashes flutter…

Her pale pinkness hides behind blue
As though poisoned sugar in purest milk.

A loud cry let out by the mother
In reply, the Girl Child lets out her breath…

Mankind! Don’t nip her as a bud
Or, you have murdered a mother.