Poems by
Nithya B

My Dear, My Dream

a poem by Nithya B

Early morning I saw the sun greeting me,
I smiled at him sitting on my knee

All of a sudden I saw a moon,
I wondered if it was night, so soon

Without batting an eye lid I met her gaze,
Yes!! It was a moon like face.

I saw her hair,
Dance to the tune of air.

I saw her eyelashes interlock gently,
As the wind blew violently.

Likes the petals of the lotus closing,
Hearing the sound of the bees humming.

I saw her walk swiftly,
with her feet sweeping the floor gracefully.

She moved near the garden, plucking flowers,
I thought I wouldn’t get bored even if I sit for hours.

I saw her smile innocently,
As she caressed the petals tenderly.

I heard her speak very sweet,
Her honey like voice made me melt under her feet.

I sat there gazing at her,
To me she was a rose which would never wither.

All of a sudden she disappeared
“Where could she be?” I feared

I saw a lady from the opposite house
shouting and running after a tiny mouse

I searched frantically for the moon I had seen,
Then realised that it was a dreamland where I had been.

That night I slept, hoping to see my moon,
‘Coz for me just seeing her face was a boon.