Love – The Elixir

a poem by Aishwarya

Travelling on golden sands,
Sinking feet into the heat,
Letting the sun scorch the lips,
Yearning for the elixir of life,

For ages we walk,
Yet not a pint we acquire,
Those mounds come repeatedly,
Eyes – gleaming with lurking satire.

But then that oasis appears,
With endless waters,
To cleanse our soul,
Of the invisible dirt,
To adroitly rid us of fears,
That we shan’t survive,
To nurture our minds,
So that invincibility damns strife.

Being perpetually in those waters,
The heart anticipates reason to remain,
Yet the mind – honed as it is,
Intrepidly commences to strain.

The satire in eyes dies down,
With renewed hope and vigour,
Destiny drifts the soul,
Far away from the elixir.

Separation is excruciating,
Inexplicable is the pain,
Yet the thought of reunion,
Reconciles us in the game.

Love – that elixir, rare and true,
Rids the soul of the drudgery,
Heals the wounds of falsehood,
Overwhelms the seeker – weary.

The journey being continual,
The traveller’s sojourn is on,
Yet some niche of the sandy desert,
Houses this oasis embodying love to move us all!