Poems by
Neha Narendra

A bad habit ruins life

a poem by Neha Narendra

The day was pretty and I was out
The clouds were graying as if mourning on somebody’s grave
The sun was shining bright
As giving someone a new life

Somebody was happy
Somebody was crying
Somebody got a baby
Somebody was dying.

Day passes, the sun is round
The sun goes up and the sun goes down.
The green trees were pushing behind
The dried leaves were lying high
No one knew what was happening

I was on my verandah in a smoking style
I had a cigarette for the meanwhile
Thinking of something and to my mind came nothing

The breeze went back through my hair
Pushing me
There was a fear in the air
And I could see the clouds graying
And could feel someone dying
I tried to forget the fears!
Well, I was busy in my cigarette smoking

I got this bad habit, but couldn’t help
This habit never stopped but only developed
I still remember the terrible day
The bad times were on my way
I still remember it was twenty first May
When I was not feeling well
I was bad, I couldn’t stand
I was weak
My legs were in pain
I was almost on the end of the life’s drain

When I woke up
I was in hospital
I came to know that I had cancer
It was due to my one bad habit
Oh damn it
I never thought that those clouds were mourning at me
Those fears were for me to see
I am killed now I have almost died

Remember once
This isn’t nice
Leave smoking, if you want to survive,
Or if you can’t get ready to say good-bye to life.