a poem by Anup Chandran V

Eyes shine the twinkle of a thousand stars,
to bolster the dreams of those far and near,
burden carried on all its very light,
the visage of the person nothing but bright.

No guilt ridden distraught reflects on him,
actions deliberate, not based on whim,
to meet without a flinch, every blame,
explaining the perspective, without shame.

Courage in its best hue personified,
in hard work and self esteem to be justified,
anchors that naught waver in storm,
character pillared in identifiable norm.

This man, our leader, we proclaim,
makes no big words of his claim,
the fragrance of his work, spreads his fame,
no candle to hold against his flame.

Man who lives to illuminate,
the spirit of humanity to enthrall,
he who showed why humans are destined,
in the nature as leaders of all.