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Good Enough

a poem by Navin

A heart full of love
and a mind full of humor
Is all I expect you to have
To start our new endeavor.

A little bit of beauty,
Is all I need in you,
Like an angel you should truly
Take me out of the blue.

I am no knight
In shining armor
Nor a Superman
Of great valour.
But a man am I
Of the greatest honour.

Will You be with me always
caring for me like a mother
Even if my fortune changes its ways
and when my good luck seems to falter.

Tell me if you can share my sorrow
As my eyes gently weep
Tell me if you can share my pain
When my troubles suddenly leap.

Will you always be the first to understand
will you always be the last to leave my side.
Are you willing to be my bride.

I am all yours to be taken
But your life might seem to twirl
For a lot has to be forsaken
But I’ll be with you always,
Tell me if you are
Really good enough to be my girl.