Poems by
Naresh S


a poem by Naresh S

The long day has ended
And now it’s time we step in to a new world
But there are some memoirs that I have
To share before I say to one and all ‘Au Revoir’

How can I forget those MI and English classes
Where each one had something to fight with our classmates
In those long and never ending debates.

How can I forget those dramas and songs,
Where most of the times we would fail on stage
And walk back disappointed and enraged.

How can I forget those chemistry classes,
Where each one had the right reason to sleep
And fail in the exams and star to weep.

How can I forget this class??
When we were together,
We have laughed, cried, fought and what not
But now it’s time to depart.

Even though the roads we travel will differ
I wish this friendship lasts for ever.