Light House

a poem by Vijaynath

Away in an unknown shore,
alone and aloof like a monument
of lost dreams, stands,
withering in time

The shout of the wind and
scream of the waves and
frightening flash of the waves
hardly making any effect

The flight of the sky, fire
of the sun and scream of the
rain failing to make
any move

Come the night when the
darkness spread its black
blanket and the scared stars
running for cover

When the black fog spread
its wings to engulf everything
and the waves humming a tune
to mourn the death of light

Throwing the rope of hope of
light and showing the path to
safety to those lost their
way in the agitated waves

Showing a ray of life for those
praying for a miracle and leading
them to the shore of safety

The ritual continues without any
change and time flies away without
any break which makes no difference
in the life or existence of a Light House!