My First Crush

a poem by Chetan Bhatia

With a crush on her just 5 months old,
and for last three months in talking terms,
and know everything to know about;
my heart-beat was fluctuating,
my mind was in great doubt;
should I risk the budding relationship,
and instantly propose her out.

After 2 months course commenced,
and she left too;
and I didn’t have guts to ask her number,
she must have said “NO”,
I guess, I knew.

I met this class-mate of mine,
who use to be in our gang,
she began to recite about all our companions,
what they have been up to in last two year’,
to most of them,
I never gave an ear;
but then came up,
the name of my dear;
I couldn’t believe myself,
as what I was about to hear;
she actually came over me,
without paining herself,
more than she can bear.

She hooked herself to the phone-side,
waiting for your call;
she stood there all night all day,
the whole time the whole weekend,
after your chat at the mall.

I think you had treated her rude,
the way you two shared and talked,
never again you talked to her that way;
she always wanted to confide in you,
for you, she had so much to express and say.

I felt like an idiot,
as I cursed my fate;
as I should have asked her,
and not let myself wait;
cos the least that would had happen,
I wouldn’t have got her date;
but what I got now,
is no date and no mate;
and a person whom I love,
has reasons to hate.