Poems by
Mukul Gupta

A Humble Hope

a poem by Mukul Gupta

Oceans I crossed to enter this land yonder
In seek of peace ‘n happiness Down Under

With lush greenery and butterflies all around
My droopy ol’ eyes did some merry-go-round
But my lil’ heart pondered – why aren’t the GKWs rolling around
Why is their innocent bliss away from this heavenly ground

Alas!! It was this whole Maya of automation
Which had send the swaying GKWs out of circulation
And had taken away my sole reason of hallucination
The glory of GKWs was buried down under the mushroom of modernization

Now I wait in the Maya of salvation
Some holy wind from the humble plains of my home federation
Will come one day to give this tired soul some hope of peace and liberation

Noble Ones!!
This is no Maya nor desperation
For this humble soul, it has been an emotional separation
But it treads again in search of that innocent hope and cooperation
Which was abound in cheerful GKWs of its own federation.

GKWs are “Ghaas (grass) Kaatne (cutting) Waali’s (girls)”
– the poor yet cheerful women in India
who cut grass in gardens with their hands to earn a humble living.
But on coming to Australia,
I could see only machines being used to level the lush green grass.