Poems by
Moumita Das

A Little Angel

a poem by Moumita Das

A little girl was born in the spring of 1987
An angel came down to earth to fulfill an incomplete family of three
A fairy who was a boon to this family nineteen years ago
Has made us proud by her presence
The wonderful work she’s done
The extent of love she’s showered upon us
A beautiful woman, now, has stepped into the threshold of her youth
Daring all hurdles and hindrances coming in her way

A little woman with her unnatural beauty
A little virgin with a halo
A small wonder with all her intelligence
A small child with all her maturity
A great human with immense integrity and understanding

This is my little sweetheart
This is my tiny creature
This is my little being
This is my humble jewel
This is my sibling
My sweet little sister