Poems by
Moumita Das

I am alone

a poem by Moumita Das

I am alone in this world
Do the Leaves and Branches communicate with me?
Do the Passers-by glance at me?
Caught in a CAULDRON of hate, I wince out of pain,
Do you empathise with me?

I am alone in this world
Does the Firmament mount on me?
Does the Planet co-operate with me?
Overwhelmed by the powerful instincts of
Spiritualism, I get swayed by Emotions

Am I alone in this world?
Am I not fond of my Sister?
Do I not embrace my Mister?
I am not alone in this Fiefdom
Do I not caress my little Ministers?

I am alone in this world
My Foes abandon me
My Kinsmen do not beckon me
Do my Friends reckon without me?
My LOVE recoils from me…

I am bereaved of my LOVER
I am bereft of my OTHER
He was ny sole RAI-SON D’ETRE
I have been deprived of my RAIMENT based on his Cover