Poems by
Motilal Chatterji

Lonely in the Desert

a poem by Motilal Chatterji

Gone away so far
from my beautiful homeland
to a life which is lifeless
in the wilderness of the deserts.

It pains my heart
to be away from my beloveds
yet, I am compelled to bury my grief
in the golden sands of the
great Saudi deserts
in search of my bread.

Their resources are unlimited
till now their doors are exploited
by every part of the globe
and Indians are in abundance
with high levels of skill and
technical competence which
can be rivalled by very few.

Come my country men,
lets us bring in some wealth
which we have note been privileged
to receive from mother nature,
but we can certainly generate
by the wealth of wisdom
immensely bestowed on each one of us
may be to guide the destinies
in far off land.