The Lone Soldier

a poem by Sayan Chaudhuri

Love and kindness without any gain
That’s what he gave to life

Misery, agony and pain
That’s what he got from life

He was a man of skill, a man of wit
A man of tremendous determination and grit

But then he didn’t want to be left alone
Surrounded by a thousand pieces of bones

He saw the bullets graze past him
Causing death to an influx of his team

He saw the canons
Throw up the flame balls into the sky
The sight itself meant
Many a brave will die

He saw the bones being pierced
He saw the flesh being torn

But now the sky is clear
There is nothing more to fear

But what about him?
The last man standing
The man who bore everything
But ultimately got nothing

So as he walks over the heap
Something can be heard
Its nothing more, nothing less
But a silent weep.