Poems by
Mohamed Nizar

Lingering Thoughts

a poem by Mohamed Nizar

Those days;
Those school days
Those eventful days
Those precious days

Thoughts linger in my mind
Of my school days,
Where studying n’ playing;
Fighting n’ laughing;
Cajoling n’ bullying;
Eating n’ drinking
Were all so fascinating.

The rhymes echoes in my ears still,
And the fear of teacher’s cane makes me chill.
That didn’t stop me n’ buddies
From having our part of funnies.

We studied together, played together,
Ate together n’ fought together.
Those were the days when
No worries put us behind,
No tensions kept us away
All we did was to enjoy every bit of life.

I know that – Time is Irreversible,
But I ‘d still be there in that school
Not to recreate my childhood,
But to give those little ones a bit of happiness
That they ‘d linger in their mind – as I do now.